First Thursday of the Month 
There are no contests or judging. We encourage members with all levels of experience to submit photos for discussion.
Each month has a different subject or theme for the photos, designed to put into practice techniques taught during one of the monthly presentations and/or to encourage members to think before taking a photo. Subjects are usually provided at the beginning of the year to encourage everyone to go out to take new photos rather than search through their archives for photos that meet the requirements.
The schedule and requirements for submitting photos are available in separate documents and on the club website.   Sharing email address is:

Third Thursday of the Month  – Presentations
Presentations will be on topics at various levels of interest and experience, depending on the availability of speakers. Basic topics will be repeated during the year.
Please note: these presentations are not intended to be “how-to” classes, but are designed to provide exposure to topics for those wishing to learn more about photography.

Fifth Thursday of the Month
These few days during the year have no set plan, but may include field trips, photo sharing, presentations, discussion groups, or lab exercises.

Sometimes the Photo sharing and programs get switched due to presenters availability.  Check calendar or the e-mail.

We want to encourage members to bring in photos to share.
We do not do contests or have judging but will encourage discussion,
so that we can all learn.

Monthly Photos:
Each month will have a suggested subject or technique for photos. Photos taken in the recent past or take a new photo - it is your choice! You will be getting feedback on your work, thus learning where your strong points are, or better yet, learn how to correct your weak points.

We ask that you submit no more than 3 photos to share.  We like to see the before & after photos if you have changed them.  (the before & after is considered 1 photo)

Feel free to enhance, crop, sharpen or adjust the lighting, but be sure to share that information with the submitted photo. Also be sure to mention the type of camera, special setting, time of day or any other significant information that would be helpful to the other members.

Because of the size of the group, we must display photos using a PC and projector. Therefore, it is much easier if you submit photos digitally – by e-mail as an attachment to 

(by 5:00 PM the Tuesday before the meeting), on a memory stick (jump drive, flash drive, or thumb drive). If you do have both digital and printed copies of the same photo, that’s even better – the printed version is always sharper and has better colors. All printed photos will be displayed at the back of the room and may be any size, with or without mats.


We have several videos and sets of videos available for members to borrow.  Videos are available at meetings and may be borrowed until the next meeting.  If you will not be at the next meeting, please make arrangements to return it.  Depending on demand and the waiting list, you may be able to borrow it again the day to return it.  If there is demand, and you do not return the videos, we reserve the right to impose a fine of $5.00 if the videos are not returned on time.

 Available Videos

·         The National Geographic Great Courses Fundamentals of Photography
·         The National Geographic Great Courses The Art of Travel Photography
·         National Geographic Masters of Photography.  
·         Digital Photography Unleashed
·         Digital Photography for Dummies
·         Frank Dispensa’s Creating the Perfect Digital Negative

A deposit of $50 is required.  
Please make out a check for $50 to our treasurer, Bill Loppnow.  
We will not cash the check and will return it to you when you return the videos.

About Us

The club is open to any Villages resident who is interested in photography. However, we expect that our programs will appeal most to casual photographers and to those who are at the beginner or intermediate level. 

The club meets on the first, third, and fifth Thursdays of each month, 9:30-11:50 at the Lake Miona Recreation Center. Doors open at 9:00. Refreshments are served.

$5.00 per calendar year. (Sept thru June) 
Not pro-rated: not-refundable.
Members receive e-mail notification of upcoming meetings.

Club email:
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Annual Photo Show Case
March 3rd, 2018
10 to 2:30
Lake Miona Rec. Center
Once a year, usually in February or March, we have an show case where our members may show off their work. The Expo is open to the public.