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This page was last updated: January 2, 2019

2018/19 Meeting Schedule
Photo Sharing and * Presentation
All are Subject to change

Oct. 4 -- Fences/Walls
*Oct. 18 -- Elements: Quick/Guided/Expert

Nov. 1 -- Shoot the Subject
Multiple angles, different lighting, times of the day, etc. of the same subject
*Nov. 15 -- Photo Books 
*Nov. 29 -- Workshops

Dec. 6 -- Party and Photographer's Choice

Due to schedule problems we have exchanged photo sharing and the program.
*Jan. 3 -- Exposure Challenges: 
Exposure Compensation
Sunlight / Low light
Fill Flash

Jan. 17 -- Any Holiday in The Villages

*Jan. 31 -- "What do these terms mean?
Terms found in editing software.

Feb. 7 -- Texture
* Feb. 21 -- Family Groups

Mar. 7 -- Shooting in sun light/backlit Challenge
*Mar. 21 -- Exposure (focus) Challenge
March 23rd will be our Photo Showcase
at Lake Miona Rec. Center
April 2 -- Low light/fill flash Challenge
*April 18 -- Other camera settings: Scene modes vs Manual

May 2 -- Exposure Challenge
*May 16 -- TBA
*May 30 -- Workshop

June 6 -- OLD

Notes on Photo Sharing:
Please wait to submit photos till after the previous club meeting.
Submit photos via email no later than Tuesday at 5PM before the meeting.       spointe.share@gmail.com
If you do submit after that time, you photos may not be included.  Please bring them to the meeting on a flash drive.
Label all flash drives.  Things can get crazy with people giving us flash drives.
You may submit photos anonymously, by clearly stating that in your email.
If you choose to speak about your photos, the most important thing we need to know is what you were trying to do.  What setting did you choose – auto, aperture priority, shutter priority, a scene setting.  Did you try other settings, exposure bracketing, etc.?  What did you learn, if anything?